I was consulting for Planet Organic (Organic Kitchen and Grocer) I have been working with them since January 2007 developing a new range of food products to be rolled out over their existing three stores and develop a range of food for new stores on the horizon. I am also doing a full time Degree course in Fine Art  at Chelsea College starting in October 2007. I also assist a working Artist and Art Gallery Owner in maintaining the Gallery Space  and Gallery Website. currently we are painting the pedestrian subway ceiling that the gallery is located in. and give what support I can. I have exhibited at the gallery and low and behold sold a piece of work.

In November 2005 I realized that I was unhappy with the development of my career in the catering industry where I was running six restaurants around London and one in Miami, I had become disillusioned in the industry and felt that though I was successful I was no longer enjoying the work and it was not fulfilling my creative need. I made a commitment to reinvent myself as an artist and enrolled on the foundation diploma in art and Design, at Kensington and Chelsea College in September 2006.

I was continually astonished how much I enjoyed my time on the foundation course. I left school at the age of 14 to travel in India with my mother and have had no formal education since; it has been a real joy and privilege for me to be able to start my education at this point.

The projects set for us were invigorating and expressive. The "Mafio" and "Grids, Nets and Maps" projects have made me realize the importance of research coupled with the conceptual and making process. I have taken on this journey and have realized the vast amount of Travel I need to undertake to become a serious artist. This course is like no other, it has opened up a spectrum of possibilities in which to explore and experiment.

My research enabled me to address the period between 1900 and 1937 especially Constructivism. This period had radical, political and cultural changes with cataclysmic rapidity and diverse inspiration. This brought change with the plastic arts being introduced by Rodchenko, Malevich, Lissitzki, Tatlin and others. This new generation of artists, writers and political theorists united in a rejection of the values of the past and in a relentless search for a new and modern world. In my recent work I have been investigating these values. It is the essence of their work and influence that excites me. I am especially drawn to the work of Rodchenko's photo - collage, series of equal forms, surfaces reflecting light and Architectural design. Tatlin   (Monument to the third International) and Lissitzki  Proun: Of two Squares (which I have animated) and use them as a source of inspiration. I am fascinated by this period and I am constantly trying to find more information on it.

I believe I made the right choice by enrolling on this course, extending my appetite for art. I feel like there a new world out there, my world!! And I need to know more about it. I gained vital knowledge on this course, visual and theoretical concepts excite me. From my life experience I bring with me a hard work ethic and a strong understanding of the importance of planning and process. My work is now becoming clearer and the mist is lifting. I'm now pursuing relentlessly my own vision and where that takes me. My journey is just beginning.

When crispin first started to cook he worked for the hard rock cafe as a grill chef. he left the hard rock to work with his step-father (who trained under californian celebrity chef wolfgang puck of spago) at the casserole he was quickly promoted to sous chef, he went on to open the Brompton Brasserie, Fulham road , London SW10. in 1979 as the head chef at the age of 21

His experience is wide spread. over the last 20 years of cooking. He has Catered for a number of large rock bands and their entourage. Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, to name a few). In America, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico,Chili, Argentina, Brazil, all over Europe and eastern europe. He was responsible for feeding the artists and supplying specialist food for their dressing rooms. He was also responsible for feeding up to 500 crew. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. On his travels he picked up a lot of the local culture and cuisine

for the last ten years crispin has been working as a director /executive head chef. for a successful chain of london brasseries.


Name: Crispin Chetwynd

Age: 46

Birthday: 19/01/61

As a student at Kensington and Chelsea College, apart from thoroughly enjoying the Foundation course in Art and Design I have also taken other courses in Printmaking, Pre-Foundation, Portfolio preparation, Drawing, Darkroom, Flash MX and I am going to take a course on Art History Starting in January.

In my spare time I have been helping out a Working artist / Gallery owner (Subway Gallery) which I have found very interesting and helpful in giving me some insight into the world of art, among other things I have done his website.

As executive head chef and one of the directors I have opened six restaurants, one of which was in Miami, Florida, for the group. Working with architects, contractors, equipment sales companies, inspectors and investors to open the restaurants on time and within a tight budget. I was solely responsible for developing the menus in all the restaurants. Type setting the menus to a print ready standard (Using Quark Express). Producing detailed recipes and delivering accurate costings, menu explanations and menu item specifications.

As a tour catering crew chief and head chef I was responsible for the catering road crew of up to 50. Catering from 40 to 500 people, supplying daily menus with multiple choices and special dietary needs. Artists I have cooked for include Paul Mc Cartney, pink Floyd, bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Paul Weller and Michael MacDonald.

Set-up restaurant from shell. Designed kitchen and menu. Hired chefs. Produced menu costings, set-up stocktaking and ordering systems.

Commission to advise on revamping their existing restaurants Charco's and Joe's Brasserie as well as opening new ones.

Start-up new restaurant. Designed and planed the menu. Working Head Chef

French Brasserie Food.

(Head Chef Sue miles.)

Made cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in my grandmothers water powered mill and worked in a local restaurant. (Chez dodo}